Friday, January 18, 2008

Good-Bye May Seem Forever, Farewell Just Like the End . . .

1. I really enjoyed writing my personal essay. I am not so good in imagine things. So it was easier for me writing about something that really happened and that I just had to reflect in a good way. The weakness of this genre is that the creativity of the writer is not completely free, because You have to relate to personal experience. I was surprised that I enjoyed writing the essay so much. It was fun because I could write about one of the best days in my life and it helped my remembering this day. I think I would like to write another personal essay. It would be more fun that writing fiction for me.

2. Reading is very important to create a good creativity and write. Other books of the same or other genres you gone write in can be a good way to get some ideas and improve your style of writing.

3. It was a good semester of writing for me. I am sure my written English improved a lot in the past 5 months. I enjoyed nearly all different types of writing. I enjoyed poems, because it was new and fun for me and I was surprised what I could do in my second language, especially because it was the first writing we did in this class. Writing fiction was probably the hardest thing for me, because I am not so good in imagine things and make up a good story. In the second Quarter we were writing plays and it was something completely new for me. I hadn't even done it in German, my mother language before. It is hard to keep in mind how you can realize things on stage. But it is a good way to tell a story, even if in the beginning I thought it would be very hard to describe all the action with just dialogue. And my most favorite of this year as I already mentioned was the personal essay.

Little Debbie:
Taco Bell
New York City
Name you like for your future daughter: Julie
Name you like for your future son: Sam
What is or what will be the first country you see outside the continent of North America: Germany
Disney movie you would be most likely to watch on your 21st birthday: Pirates of the caribeen 1-3

5. No!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Start of 2008

1. I live after the principle “Enjoy every day, life is short.” I learned in my life that everything always goes very fast and is over way too soon. You never know what could happen tomorrow. Don’t look for the special days because in every day is something special. Enjoy everything in life the bad experience, too because they make you stronger. The little moments in a normal day are the things that make your life beautiful und life worth. Living after this principle makes my life sometimes much easier, because I know everything has some sense in life. And if you don’t enjoy it you will miss it. ”Life is short, enjoy it!”

2. The thing that changed me happens every day. You can see it at news everyday and you can read it in the newspapers. When I see what we have. We can go to the supermarket every time we need something, when we are dursty we just have a glass of water and when we are cold we just put on some clothes. But there are other parts in the world where these things are a fight against nature for life every day. We take all the things for granted but for millions of people they would be a miracle. We sometimes have a time in life, when we think that our life is bad and unfair, but for other people our life would be the paradise. So before you complain about your life think about the really important things in life and the people who don’t have them.

3. In 2008 I am looking forward to finish my year in the USA. I am nearly halfway through and excited for the other half. I already had a good time, but I am looking forward to finish this year to see my friends and family again. My goal is to get as much as possible out of these next 5 months.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Toward the Future/From the Past

1. My play is mostly very easy to show, because it has not much action in it. Most time it is only a dialogue between the characters. They are sitting in a room or in a cafe or in school. I think that is not very hard to show on stage. The only scene that could be difficult is in front of Sophies house, when they are arrived with the car. I like about plays, that you don't have to describe the background action so much, so the director has freedom in creativity. Most things are shown through the dialogue or small action. I liked writing a play, because it is hard to write a dialog in short stories, but if you only write a dialogue, than you can imagine what the characters would say and just write it down.

2. In my personal essay I would like to write about my experience of this year. My life changed so much here and I have so many good and less good experience of these first 4 Months in Edina. This is for sure a passage in my life that is very important for me and will leave an impact on myself. I nearly had all kind experience in this past months. I had very good times and surprising experience, but also bad times, when I regretted my decision to go here. But I also have a lot of experience from my life in Germany and my vacations with my family all around Europe, that I could write about. I have been in Italy, Denmark, Paris, Austria, Czech republic and a lot of places in Germany.

3. I would give advice to a 10 years old kid based on my experience. I have gone through many different and difficult things in life. I had good times and bad times. But I would give the most important advices that I learned in the last years: Be yourself!! Maybe not everybody will like you or be friend with you, but you are more happy this way, because your friends are your real friends who like you and not what you pretend to be.

Monday, December 10, 2007

The theme

1. I think every piece of writing needs a theme, because a piece without a theme is only putting together words and not writing. The Theme is very important for the reading, because not everybody likes the same theme. So the theme helps the people to find the book they like.
My favorite book is Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling. You have a clear theme. It is a fantasy book and it is about the life of Harry Potter. So you know what you get when you read it. So if you like realistic novels or love stories you should probably not read the book and you know it because you can see that it is a fantasy story.

2. A book that lasts for ever is always a good piece of writing. If the storie of a book is still related to the present and people are still intreseted in the theme of the piece of writing than will last for ever. The stories that are about daily things which are in every life and every centurie present will last throught the centuries. For example loce stories, because people will hopefully always love and see their own lifes in storiesw like Romeo & Juliet.

3. If I could leave a big impact on the world I would like to help the world peace. And I think a good piece of writing can cause this. A good piece of writing could make the people think about their issues and why there is no peace in the world. A good book could be a mirrow for their own lifes and so they could see the problems. Because the hardest thing in solvinmg problmes is to see that there is one. Everybody thinks peace is important but nobody takes it for their buissness to solve the problems. So a bookj that could show the world what theu could do for peace could maybe leave anm impact for centuries.

Monday, December 3, 2007


1. Somtinhg in the world that concerns me is how unfair everything is. The rich peple are getting more rich and the poor people are getting more poor. When you see all these rich people in their big huoses with a big garden and a lot of personal and then you see a family of 5 or more people in an house as big as the living room of the big house.

2. My friend in Germany is a very dynamic person. She always has to do something. She can never sit still for a minute. She soes a lot of thingts with her friends and a lot of sport. She is always in good mood and can cheer you up, when you had a bad day.

3. Nearly every kind of music inspires me. I can always find a part in a lyric, which I can compare to my life. The music inspires me to write, too. I wrote some poems about songs. They also inspire me, because I want to be singer and I love singing.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


1. Happiness is something that makes you smile. Happiness is different things to different people. It is a feeling in you that nobody can really discribe, when you are happy.

2. Happiness for me are many things. My family and my music make me always happy. Happiness is to be with people you love and who love you. My music is great source of happiness for me. It can always cheer me up when I am down.

3. My parents have the greatest influence on my happiness. They can always make me happy. My parents in Germany have always been there for me and they will always be ther and that makes me happy, because they can make me happy. But my hostfamily cam make me happy, too. I am very happy in their family und I hope that makes them happy, too.

4. I think we can have an impact on everybody in our life with things we do or say or when we are just there when they need use. But I think I have a great impact on my family in Germany and myt family here, with everything I do or say. I can make them happy or dissapoint them.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

First Quater Reflection

1. I enjoyed writing poems very much. After i got used to it after a few poems, I really liked it. I think I enyojed it so much , because you can be very creative with it and don't yhave to go after grammatic rules so much. And you can write about nearly everything in nyour life.

2. I think my strongest peace of writing is my poem "Thank You". I wrote this poem to my friend in germany. And I really enjoyed wriiting it, because She had done so much for me and I felt good in saying Thank You for all this. It's my strongest piece of writing, because it was my last poem and I got used to the language after all. This was the first time I wrote poetry in english and I really enyojed it.

3. I noticed that I always need an inspiration to write something. It is very hard for me just to imagine something. So need a lot of structure and direction in my writting.

4. I would like to writte some nonfiction stories, because they are based on something, so you don't have to imagine too much.